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Cloud Development Platform for Voice Application

AjaxWeaver unlocks your vendor dependence and can interface with any VoiceXML hosting provider. In addition to running VoiceXML applications, you can also run Twilio TwiML applications!

Twilio   Voxeo   Nuance   Tellme

AjaxWeaver is available as premise-based or hosted solution. For large enterprises, AjaxWeaver can be deployed directly on-premise. The cloud-based AjaxWeaver is completely free for developers. Pay only when you upgrade to a production plan.

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Easy to Design

AjaxWeaver is the first browser-based drag-and-drop IDE for building speech-enabled IVR applications in the cloud. Using simple drag-and-drop functionality in Web browsers, anyone can visually layout call flow and build a live voice application in minutes without programming. No expert knowledge required, and no software installation. Learn more

"The best and most intuitive cloud development platform for voice application in the market." K.W.'Bill' Scholz, President, NewSpeech LLC

Read the article published in SpeechTEK buyer's guide: The Future of Speech Application Development Tools. Here is PDF version.

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