AjaxWeaver for Tellme

AjaxWeaver has finally integrated Tellme, so you can now connect your Tellme account with AjaxWeaver and create hosted IVR applications and edit all your files (VoiceXML, Java, and Jython).

In short this means that all your development files are stored in AjaxWeaver cloud platform, so you can develop as you usually do with other cloud hosting platforms, and when you are away from home or the office just log on to AjaxWeaver and continue exactly where you left off.

Best of all you can use AjaxWeaver for development and deployment, you can directly bind your application to Tellme numbers in AjaxWeaver.

Design call flow visually

Web-based cloud development platform for speech applications. With drag-and-drop visual designer, you can quickly build voice solutions in no time.

Write code smartly

AjaxWeaver allows you to develop custom programs using Java and Jython. In addition, you can write VoiceXML to add dynamic features to your call flows.

Buy numbers instantly

Phone numbers can be provisioned from both AjaxWeaver and Tellme. You can then assign these numbers to your AjaxWeaver applications.

Adding your Tellme account is as simple as possible, register for a free AjaxWeaver account with your Tellme credentials and you're ready to go!

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