Why AjaxWeaver?

Here are 7 business and 7 technical reasons to use AjaxWeaver.

7 Business Reasons To Use AjaxWeaver:
7 Technical Reasons To Use AjaxWeaver:
  1. Faster to market.
    By saving you 35% or more time in development, AjaxWeaver significantly reduces time to market. Developing speech-enabled or DTMF applications no longer takes days, weeks, or even months, it takes only hours or even shorter to put together a VoiceXML based speech application.

  2. Reduced labor costs.
    AjaxWeaver makes applications easier to enhance and maintain by reducing the amount of code needed to develop the solutions. This results in less labor during development and ongoing maintenance.

  3. Increase operational efficiency.
    There is no longer a lengthy and complicated deployment process, when you completed your design on VoiceXML Orchestrator and deployed the application, that application is live to callers from that moment onwards.

  4. Improve customer loyalty and retention.
    AjaxWeaver makes you more competitive in the industry by reducing speech application development cycles, thus realizing your customers' ultimate goal of reducing call center costs or service costs..

  5. Enhance marketing and sales effectiveness.
    Meeting market demands and expectations at the speed you can image. With browser-based drag and drop capability and a powerful visual designer, marketing and sales persons can easily mock up a beautiful looking call flow anywhere in no time. No coding.

  6. Proven capabilities.
    AjaxWeaver is best-of-breed software from a consistently profitable vendor with an impressive track record and customer base.

  7. A competitive advantage.
    As a core technology, AjaxWeaver has helped multiple companies achieve significant improvements and functionality in their software applications.
  1. Simplicity.
    AjaxWeaver provides a Web-based graphical intuitive drag-and-drop environment for development and maintenance of speech applications. Anyone who has experience with Web browsers will be able to use AjaxWeaver to develop applications.

  2. Power.
    AjaxWeaver enables developers to create custom widgets to implement the most sophisticated applications. Your custom widgets can access all types of data sources easily and quickly and generate VoiceXML code on the fly.

  3. Open Standards.
    Applications built in AjaxWeaver are 100% VoiceXML-compliant and can work together with leading VoiceXML platforms. AjaxWeaver's runtime server is based on J2EE and can run on any operating systems.

  4. Performance.
    AjaxWeaver's feature-rich VoiceXML code generation engine provides real-time response with an advanced cache, without creating bottlenecks or slowing the system down.

  5. Scalability.
    Over time, the amount of phone calls you need to process will grow exponentially. With VoiceXML Orchestrator's distributed, scalable, client-centric architecture, your processing capabilities are limitless, no matter how complex your needs become.

  6. Less maintenance.
    AjaxWeaver requires less administrative overhead. No client-side software installation. No specialized VoiceXML knowledges are needed to maintain the system.

  7. World's First, and Only Web-based IDE
    AjaxWeaver is the first and only Web IDE for developing speech applications.